Lancaster Lash Services

Please read all of our services and understand how we run our business before booking an appointment.

New Clients are only allowed to book for a Full Set or Other Salon's Work.

If you get a refill outside of the Tora House of Beauty Team, and you need a refill with one of us, then you are required to book Other Salon's Work. Do not extend your refill, read our descriptions.
If you are a client of the Tora Team (Kim, Maye, Aracelly, Rachel), you can book any of the refills below. You must have our lashes on and you must book within your lash cycle.

If I am busy during your refill week, click here to book with any of the Tora Team.
To make an appointment:
A NONREFUNDABLE Booking Fee will be collected for each appointment.

Booking Fee Policy/Rebooking Policy
The Booking Fee will secure your appointment time and will be credited towards your services.

All booking fees are NONREFUNDABLE:
– 15 minutes late (appointments will be cancelled)
– No Shows & Last minute cancellation
– You must pay another booking fee to book another appointment
Please allow a 24-hour notice for changing appointments.

Full Set

2 hrs 10 mins

New Clients or NO Lash Extensions.
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Other Salon's Work

1 hr 20 mins

Refill on Other Salon’s Work

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Extra Time Refill

1 hr 30 mins

Tora Team Work Only. 

Extra time for fuller look. Volume Refills Only.

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Volume Refill

1 hr 15 mins

Tora Team Work Only. 

18 days from last refill.

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