Extra Time Refill (L)

1 hr 30 mins


    • If you have less than 50% of lash extensions, please book for a Full Set.
    • Tora Team Work Only.
    • 1 hr 30 min service.
    • This service is based on a timed schedule to apply more lashes.
    • For fuller look at all times.
    • For longer lengths.
    • Fuller fans: It takes us more time to create bigger/wider handmade fans.
    • Must fall in 3 weeks only.
    • Recommended for fall and spring shed.

Keep in mind, we are not mega lash artists. We refill according to your lash and health cycle due to your lengths, thickness, and texture. This appointment includes extra time to give you the fullest effect.


Your debit/credit card is required to book an appointment online.

*Waxing and Brow Tint Services are listed as add-ons for this service.